Calgary’s Custom Home High-End Plumbing

Specializing in custom home plumbing, servicing the Calgary luxury home market, in-fill homes, and custom acreages, Stampede Plumbing provides plumbing systems personalized to fit your needs.

Working with high end, specialized niche designs, we work with your concept and build it into the room’s structure, resulting in a uniquely designed plumbing system.

In additional to your niche projects, we offer service and guidance on:

  • Hot water heater replacement
  • Water conditioning
  • Water softening and reverse osmosis systems
  • Flood protection services: custom designed and installed pump systems
  • Back flow testing: main line back water valve installation

In our water conditioning solutions, we feature Northstar products to provide the highest quality materials in your home.

To learn more about the unique solutions we can bring for your plumbing needs, or to learn about our flood protection services, call us at 403-225-1037.